Croydon Photography Forum Virtual Edition with Rita Toth & Jo Ellis Hollan

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Lenses of Croydon is back again with another event to help keep photographers across the world feeling connected and inspired.

This evening will mark our final meeting of the Croydon Photography Forum for 2020, and we thought that the best way to bring the year to a close would be to feature two members of Lenses of Croydon who both have different experiences with photography.

Rita Toth is a photographer who mainly captures images using either an iPhone 7 or iPhone 11, but she is now starting to make use of her new Olympus Pen. Rita enjoys taking long walks and capturing the environment around her. Outside of taking photographs, she enjoys street art, food, different textures, shapes, and anything that visually stands out to her. Rita loves getting lost in her surroundings while exploring new places.

Her journey with photography is unique, and she describes herself as having an old school photography background, that she had to leave behind once she decided to become, and her dynamics changed.

Jo Holland is a Thornton Heath resident who has recently made the transition to becoming a professional photographer. She is currently exploring ways to expand her earning potential through her photographic work, similarly to most photographers starting out Jo is naturally reluctant to describe herbeginningself as a professional photographer.

Over the years, Jo has moved through various genres of photography with food for a blog. Then moving onto protest followed by street photography, including some urban architecture and she has recently been exploring portraiture.

Describing her relationship with photography as an addiction, Jo can be found all over London with her camera in her hand.

This evening will be a lovely way to learn about the work of these two lovely members of our Lenses of Croydon Family.

Once again we will be having another prize draw this week that anyone who donates £3 will be entered, while £5 will entitle you to 2 entries.

To keep in touch with the Lenses of Croydon Team, follow us on Twitter @LensesofCroydon or Instagram @LensesofCroydon. You can also check out the Instagram profiles of Rita Toth @iam_r1t4 and Jo Ellis Holland @joellisholland.