Croydon Photography Forum with Sofia Berto and Elena Cenedese

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The Croydon Photography Forum’s (CPF) is pleased to be hosting Sofia Berto and Elena of SEBC Photography.

The Croydon Photography Forum’s (CPF) goal is to expose our attendees to various photographers who share different elements of their practice with the group. This week we will be hosting Sofia Berto and Elena Cenedese will be joining us to speak about their journey with photography.

These two talented ladies own and operate SEBC Photography, a London based photography company specialising in still life and portraiture photography. The project was born four years ago while studying Photographic Arts at Westminster University, where they also met.

Photography has always been and still very much is a source of personal and professional growth. This life choice has presented them both with new challenges, new achievements, and new experiences every single day.

While any size donation is welcomed, donations of £3 will entitle you to an entry into the evening’s prize draw, and a donation of £5 will give you 2 prize draw entries.

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