The Croydon Photography Forum with Christopher Bovell

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Lenses of Croydon return with another event to help keep photographers across the world feeling connected and inspired.

We are pleased to be hosting Christopher Bovell, an active member of our Lenses of Croydon Community, at the next edition of the Croydon Photography Forum.

Chris is a Croydon-based self-taught photographer who specialises in portrait photography. He started as a simple point and shoot photographer, documenting events such as school trips and holidays.

In 2016 Chris took the plunge to take photography more seriously. He was initially avoiding portraits due to a lack of confidence and a fear of rejection, causing him to focus on landscapes and events. Eventually, Chris faced his fears and learned how to take portraits of people, eventually trading as a part-time photographer supported by a great group of contemporaries.

Last year Chris submitted an image in the Rankin 2020 photography project, and his work was selected as the best photo in the beauty section. This led to some of his images being featured on SKY Arts and in the associated publication. Chris has also had his work featured in some of the national campaigns of the charity, Scope.

He aims to continue to progress, grow and develop into a great photographer. As one who has experienced feeling crippled by fear, his vision as a photographer is to empower his clients, helping them feel confident enough to.

Chris has kindly donated a print of one of his images for our event prize draw. While any size donation is welcomed, donations of £3 will entitle you to an entry into the evening’s prize draw, and a donation of £5 will give you 2 prize draw entries and so forth.

To keep in touch with the Lenses of Croydon Team, follow us on Twitter @LensesofCroydon or Instagram @LensesofCroydon, where you can find more information about our events. You can also follow Chirs on Instagram @blaqpix2016.

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We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday!!!!