The Croydon Photography Forum with Yas & Grace Crawford

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Lenses of Croydon return with another event to help keep photographers across the world feeling connected and inspired.

We are all excited about the next meeting of the Croydon Photography Forum as we will be having two special guests. Not only are they from the same family, but Yas and Grace Crawford are mother and daughter who share more than just a creative gene.

Yas Crawford is an internationally awarded photographer who has exhibited in the UK and Europe at both art and scientific conferences. She holds both a degree in Geology and a Masters in Photography. Yas has worked as a microbiologist in various business roles, an entrepreneur in life sciences, and she is now working in what she calls ‘The Grey Space’ in-between those disciplines. Born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where the landscape and biological makeup have subliminally influenced her work. Her work naturally developed in a fine art form using digital, analogue photography, video, and cameraless techniques. Understanding the science supports the project, and the art steps in to reveal the emotion, ambiguity and the unknown. It’s like working somewhere between what’s conscious and the subconscious.

Yas is currently working on her first sizeable private commission and working with researchers in different parts of the world. While she loves her job, Yas is the first to point out that one of the best perks of being a photographer is meeting and engaging with other creatives who each have their approach to expressing themselves and sharing their creations with the world.

Grace Crawford is a second-year student at London South Bank University, studying a BA Hons Photography. She works for their in-house agency, The South Bank Collective, where her role is co-producer/photographer. They also run the Graphé Magazine, and Grace looks after the Environmental Issue. This is a fabulous agency for encouraging students into employment and giving them valuable skills.

Grace has always had an interest in art and been surrounded by a family that loves it too. She stole her mum’s camera at around 16 and started to develop her interest in the medium when she studied at Plymouth College of Art and Design. Grace has dyslexia, dyspraxia, social anxiety and CSD (Cortical spreading depression, an electrical disturbance in the brain) and understands first-hand the difficulties associated with fitting in and creating a positive environment in which to learn.

Before starting University In 2017, Grace volunteered in Sri Lanka at a turtle conservation, mainly encouraging the locals not to eat the turtles and how to look after them and in 2018, Delhi at a disabled school and community centre, nurturing kids to just be kids within a safe environment.

As is customary at the Croydon Photography Forum we will be having our regular prize draw. While any size donation is welcomed, donations of £3 will entitle you to an entry into the evening’s prize draw, and a donation of £5 will give you 2 prize draw entries and so forth.

To keep in touch with the Lenses of Croydon Team, follow us on Twitter @LensesofCroydon or Instagram @LensesofCroydon, where you can find more information about our events. You can also follow Yas on Instagram @yascrawfordphotography and Grace @gracie_crawford_.

We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday!!!!